About Us

W I I stands for "We", "I" and "It"

  • “We” refers the relationships that we have with our families, partners, friends, peers, community members, and larger religious and national groups. It also refers to the ethics and moral values that bind us together to move toward that which is good and just.

  • “I” stands for who we are as individuals, what each of us think, feel and do, and the way we relate to ourselves (including past traumas and our split off shadows). W I I Thrive views each of us as a unique individual that has inherent dignity, and each of us has potential that can be further realized via self-awareness, acceptance, and active change toward more optimal functioning.

  • “It” stands for both the natural world and human technologies and industries, as well as our scientific understanding of “it”. It is crucial that we are harmonized across our relations, institutions and technologies, and the natural world.

What Does Thrive Mean?

Thriving refers to a state of flourishing, optimal functioning, and fulfillment across all levels of analysis and time frames. More technically, it is moving toward Aristotle’s concept of eudaimonia, which is the ultimate good. That is, it is the ultimate ethical end for which in the context of living a virtuous life everything else is a means to move toward. It is a state that can be summarized as happiness with the worthiness to be happy.

It can be framed by high levels of well-being on the Nested Model.

What is the W I I Thrive Community?

We are looking to develop a community who identifies with the values of W I I Thrive. This might involve things like setting up a registry on a homepage, creating a Facebook page. This will bring people together to identify with the concept, and offer testimonials or accounts of what it offers.

What is the W I I Thrive Large Group Session?

We are envisioning the possibility of weekly open zoom meetings that would involve a summary of a key point, discussion of idea or theme, and Q and A from the participants

What are W I I Thrive Pods?

Groups of four individuals (plus or minus 2) that are members of the W I I Thrive Community. They agree to form their own group to connect and support each other and to discuss issues pertaining to adaptive living.

Disclaimer Regarding Nature of the Community and Experience

The W I I Thrive Community and Pods are voluntary experiences. Although it is hoped that the advice and connections afforded by the community and pods foster well-being, all participants should be aware that the W I I Thrive experience is not a professional service, nor should it be considered a substitute for professional medical or mental health care, such as psychotherapy provided by a licensed professional.