Program Details

Starter Pods

A Starter Pod is for Groups who would like to learn some of the foundation elements and tools that are shared in our community. This is where we learn the language used in all the pods.

  • For groups who have a blend of interests

  • Allows groups to develop a period of mutual exploration and identity

  • For groups who have a specific purpose in forming

Grow Pods

This is a group devoted to obtaining emotional support and fostering resilience.

  • For individuals who are having some problems coping and who are in need of support; Dealing with feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem

  • Heavy focus on relational support from other members and CALM-MO

  • Build awareness of negative emotions and how to adaptively process them

  • Focus on resiliency skills that untangle maladaptive thought-feeling-behavior loops.

  • Increase mentally strong practices

  • Example for a W I I Thrive Pod who was dealing with depression could go through the What To Do If You Are Depressed blog series

Stretch Pods

The stretch towards peak potential pods are focused on advancing functioning to achieve peak performance.

  • Individuals who want to develop more optimal functioning by developing a vision and ways to improve habits, mental processes, personal projects, visions for the future

  • Individuals who are actively committed to change and personal growth looking for life coaching strategies

  • Guided by the W I I Thrive tools for peak performance

Connect Pods

These groups are focused on building a sense of “we-ness”, deeper connections and more synergy

  • For families, friends or other groups looking to come together to build more intimacy, deeper and more meaningful exchanges, or healthier communication or stronger group identity

  • Group processes would focus on engagement and relational approaches that foster healthy connections, more quality time, and reduce unhealthy communication styles or conflict management patterns that result in vicious cycles

  • Grounded in the dynamics associated with the Influence Matrix; Recognition of the basic human need to be known and valued; Recognition of dynamics of power, love, and freedom

Transform Pods

This is a group devoted education and philosophical exploration

  • Focus on learning, educational topics, nature of wisdom, ultimate concerns, philosophy

  • Exploration of current state of society, environment, and meta-crisis and futurist visions; Perhaps examine questions of what a practical scientific humanistic religion for the 21st Century might look like

  • The Theory Of Knowledge Society provides a backdrop for the kinds of discussions; Might explore if Unified Framework provides a possible metatheory for 21st Century

  • Perhaps inclined toward movements such as Rebel Wisdom, the Intellectual Deep Web, Meaning Crisis, and/or Metamodernism